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Choose your Stressless at Bakka and feel the seat glide into place for the ultimate experience in comfort … just for you.

Stressless Made in Norway


Made In Norway

For over 30 years Bakka Design have had the pleasure of filling homes around Melbourne with comfort. In fact, we were one of the original Stressless® retailers in Australia. Our longevity means that when it comes to Stressless®, Bakka Design is the authority on Stressless® within Australia.

Like us, Stressless® designers and engineers all share a passion for detail and innovative solutions, and this commitment enables them to continually invent new systems designed to give your body the best possible sitting experience – while providing the ultimate decor for your home.

Please drop in to see our display, relax & Take The Comfort Test, in our Armadale showroom.

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Nordic Warmth

Stressless Balance Adapt


Made in Norway

The smallest of movements is often what makes the difference between a good sitting experience and a great one. With BalanceAdapt™, the sitting angle automatically adjusts to your body’s every movement. It’s all about finding the right balance – from head-to-toe, without the use of levers or handles.

The subtle and soft rocking motion increases your comfort in any position and ensures that the sitting angle adjusts even further. The new headrest for Stressless® Panorama can be easily mounted without tools. The recliner also features the Plus™ system, which provides optimal support for your neck and lower back to give you a unique comfort experience.

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Stessless Home Office

Executive Office

Our line of Stressless® Home Office chairs provides the ultimate solution for a truly outstanding home office experience. Your back deserves the same comfort while working as it does while relaxing – and the simple truth is that if your back is comfortable, you can work more effectively. Combining comfort and mobility, the Stressless® Home Office chair provides the perfect seat – ensuring that at the end of the day, you’ll have completed your day’s hard work in comfort.

Stressless® Home Office chairs feature all the comfortable functionality of our recliners, including the Plus™ system, which offers synchronised neck and lumbar support adjustments. The chair’s height can also be easily adjusted using the handle under the seat – to give you optimal comfort and superior freedom of movement.

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Stressless Home Cinema

Sofas & Home Cinema

Did you know that you move more than 300 times during the length of a movie?

This might sound exhausting, but don’t despair – Stressless® seating is designed to adjust to your every movement. The spacious, soft seats of your Stressless® Home Cinema seating, combined with a Stressless® ottoman, ensure an optimal movie experience.

Regardless of how much space you have available for your home cinema setup, our ingenious flexible modular designs ensure that there’s always space for a Stressless®.

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